We want to help our customers stay safe and achieve the greatest results while being economically savvy.

Today we face several epidemics and viruses that threaten the safety of our doctors, nurses, and staff.

Hospitals and Research Institute staff and workers are at serious risk while working around these diseases.

They also face the challenges of funding cut-backs and having to make already limited funds go further.

Appreciate you taking the time to look further.


Bob Dudley Jr.
President/Founder, Safe-Decon Inc.

Market Analysis

There are currently no other products that can do what the Safe-Decon product is capable of. Safe-Decon Inc. is positioned to play an important part in but not limited to the medical and medical research fields. A large part of the medical and research fields is decontamination and sterilization. In this field, it is always a challenge to keep the staff safe from communicable diseases.


This is a new and innovative product which will allow Safe-Decon to target a large market.

Mandatory Process

This process is required and our product has economic and time advantages for implementers.

Industry Survey New

After surveys with industry experts we have discovered multiple companies are interested in acquisition. People in governing bodies and industry have shown an interest to bring this product to market and will help in doing so.


Our application increases safety of staff from various threat vectors. Simply put, this device can be used in thousands of locations and reused to keep people safer than they are presently while also saving time and money for implementers.